Computer AMC Maintenance Service

We undertake annual maintenance contracts of computers and effectively provide our services whenever asked by clients. Our AMC into the contract depending on the choice of clients. we take the payments in the very beginning and provide maintenance throughout the specified time. The client doest need to pay when they have some problems in their PCs an Amc period.

Our main motto is our clients’ satisfaction. All our services and AMC maintenance for Computer are made according to the convenience of our clients.

We hire a team that is technically sound. All our team members are professional degree holders and hold extensive experience in their field. The years of experience they have help them in detecting the exact problem and repairing them at once. So, you do not need to worry if it is an emergency situation because our team is brilliant at identifying problems and fixing them within a few hours.

AMC Rates (Home User)

Desktop Computer - Rs. 4500.00 per Anual (without parts)

Laptop Computer - Rs. 5000.00 per anual (without parts)

AMC Rates (Business User)

Desktop Computer - Rs. 4500.00 per Anual (without parts) Each Pc

Laptop Computer - Rs. 5000.00 per Anual (without parts) Each laptop

AMC Services requires a contract duly signed by both parties, we accept payment 100% in advance, along with the signage of contract.

Computer AMC Services -Terms And Conditions.

Contract is Non-Transferable.

  • Contract will be for 12 months on site.
  • Three Preventive Maintenance will be provided during contract.
  • The calls will be attended within 24 hours from lodging complaints
  • Full amount has to be paid in advance at time of renewal
  • The complaints will be attended from 10 a.m. to 6.p.m. except Sundays, bank holidays, public holidays.
  • The above said contract DOES NOT INCLUDE any spares.Softwares
  • Replacement of faulty spares will NOT be provided.

Does Not Include.

  • Monitor picture tube,Printers.
  • Support on Software Application Packages.
  • Hard disk drive media
  • Printer head, ribbons, cartridges, knob
  • Any physical breakdowns due to operator’s negligence.
  • Any failure due to power failure, fire, short-circuits, earth leakage
  • All add-ons, Cd-rom lenses, sound cards, speakers, fax-modem units, backup devices, Lan cards..
  • All kinds of power devices such as Spike guards, Stabilizers, Ups system
  • Replacement of faulty spares will NOT be provided.
  • Transportation cost has to be borne by party as per actual